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Harry Pollitt: G C R locomotive engineer

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26 Aug 2019 1875 See 1875 Number of Locomotives where they are listed 6th with 374 locomotives. 1896 Charles Arthur Rowlandson appointed engineer-in-chief 1886-1893; Harry Pollitt 1893-1897 (served the GCR until 1900) 

11 Apr 2013 Expansion of the Steel and Engineering Sectors 1850-1880 a. Puddled Steel and Iron . GCR. Great Central Railway. GER. Great Eastern Railway. GNR the steam locomotive to function efficiently.12 Already in 1845 George. Hudson In the 1860s Henry Sorby, a Sheffield amateur scientist, had.

The GCR Classes 9D, 9H and 9M (LNER Class J10) were a class of 124 0-6-0 Steam locomotives designed by Harry Pollitt (engineer) for freight work on the  Locomotives of the GCR - In 1901, Locomotive & Marine Engineer, Harry Pollitt, resigned and John George Robinson was recruited from the Waterford, Limerick & Western Railway of  LNER Encyclopedia: Engineers of LNER Locomotives Biographies of all the engineers (locomotive superintendents and chief CMEs of the Great Central Railway (GCR) / Manchester Sheffield Harry Pollitt

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He became Chief Mechanical Engineer of the Great Central Railway in July 1900. Harry Pollitt (1864-1945), Locomotive Superintendent of the MS&LR 1894-1900 Sir William Pollitt, General Manager of the MS&LR and GCR 1886-1902, who 

Harry Pollitt: G C R locomotive engineer

5 Jul 2011 The GCR's then Locomotive Superintendent, Harry Pollitt, was succeeded in 1900 by J.G. Robinson, a Great Western Railway trained engineer 


22 Apr 2017 of Marylebone Station, London The Great Central Railway (GCR) was a railway Chief Mechanical Engineers. Harry Pollitt 1897-1900 (had served the MS&LR); John George Robinson 1900-1922. Pollitt's locomotives.