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On the way, you will have to dispatch some opponents. Wait for Esbern to gather his stuff and use this occasion to take a look around the cell yourself, finding a couple valuable items. After Esbern tells you that he's ready, save your game and decide whether you want to get out of The Ratway on your own, escorts in erie ask the old man for help screen above.


Speak to her to learn that she needs someone to escort her to the Ghostgate within two days.

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Agree to get her to follow you though you might regret it as she can be rather annoying. The trip, if you haven't made it before, can be quite difficult with reduced visibility and vegas escorts independent tough blighted creatures.

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In adultery personals, you'll pass nearby to one or two Daedric Shrines and might attract the attention of some of the inhabitants. Make sure that Petilia doesn't take too much damage from rochester escorts, or that you don't lose her in the low visibility of an ash storm.

It is a good idea to stop by in Ghostgate before continuing. You must lead her to the shrine inside the Ghostgateup the path and to the east slightly.

You chinese escorts uk receive payment of gold once she approaches the shrine. She is very impatient and will bug you several times along the trip about how long it's taking.

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If you take longer than two days to reach the shrine, you will fail the quest. The reward is meager for the long trip, but then she only promises a "tip". Or, you could just lead her into the wilderness and kill her or simply "fail" to protect her from marauding creatures for an easy gold, but no weapons or armor. Ts escort milton keynes that killing her yourself may get you kicked out of the Tribunal Temple if you are a member of that faction.

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Morrowind:viatrix, the annoying pilgrim

This quest is currently being rewritten as part of the Vip escorts athens Overhaul Project. The is being rewritten and checked in escorts bay stages. All users are welcome to make changes to the. If you make a change that is relevant to the project, please update this template accordingly, and make sure you have observed the project guidelines.

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Walkthrough : not written Objectives : written by already written not checked Reward : not written. Detail Walkthrough : not written Objectives : written by already written not checked Reward : not written. Leander ky housewives personals 1 Quick Walkthrough 2 Detailed Walkthrough 2. Escort this ungrateful snob to a shrine inside the Ghostfence.

Viatrix Petilia at the southwest gate of Ald'ruhn. Viatrix at the Shrine of Pride, Ghostgate. Viatrix Petilia stopped me on the side of the road near Ald'ruhn. She claims to be a pilgrim on her way to Ghostgate Shrine.

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Her haughty attitude suggests a person who is escorts yankton philadelphia to being waited on. She'd like me to escort her to the Ghostgate Shrine, and she promises a "tip" if I deliver her there safely, and within two days' time. I have agreed to escort Viatrix Petilia to Ghostgate.

Although the trip shouldn't take escorts austin long, I have a feeling it might seem that way. I've decided not to escort Viatrix Petilia to Ghostgate.

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No amount of money is enough to spend any extended period of time with this woman. Viatrix Petilia has reminded me that she needs to be in Escort services in ga in a day and a half. Her attitude is truly grating.

Viatrix Petilia mentioned yet again that she must be downey prostitution girl Ghostgate within a day. She is truly annoying. I won't be sorry to be rid of her.

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Yet again, Viatrix Petilia has told me that she must be in Ghostgate within the next half day. I should pick up the pace just to get rid of her more quickly. Finishes quest. I've led Viatrix Petilia escorts bathurst ts to Ghostgate.

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She did, indeed, give me a "tip" for my services, but it seems young carson city escorts meager compensation from someone of such obvious means. Viatrix Petilia has left my company because I did not deliver her to Ghostgate within the two days she desired.

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I can't say I'm sorry to see her go, although Liberty mo sex personals am curious what she would have offered as a reward. Unfortunately, Viatrix Petilia has come to a bad end, and will never make it to Ghostgate.

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I wish I could feel worse about her death, but I really don't.

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All of the quests in Arena outside of the main quest are completely randomized.